A 2-year-old is brought to the clinic by her mother who tells the nurse her daughter has diarrhea and the child is complaining of pain in her stomach. The mother says that the little girl had not eaten anything unusual, consuming homemade chicken strips and carrot sticks the evening prior. Which bacterial infection would the nurse suspect this little girl of contracting?

Answer Explanation: Annually in the United States, Salmonella species contaminate approximately 2.2 million eggs (1 in 20,000 eggs) and one in eight chickens raised as meat. Diarrhea with gastroenteritis is a common manifestation associated with Salmonella. Recent outbreaks of E. coli have been associated with ingestion of undercooked beef. Shigella spreads through the fecaloral route, with easy transmission from one person to another. People infected with Giardia lambliacontract the disease by drinking contaminated water.

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