Intermediaries include retailers, ________, and logistical organizations.


Trade is Canada’s primary engine of economic growth. Exports represent approximately ____ percent of our GDP.


During the sales presentation, the salesperson should:

present the benefits that address the buyer’s needs.

Optimization can be achieved using either of two techniques of cost-benefit analysis.Which of the following correctly identifies the techniques?

Optimization using total value and optimization using marginal analysis

________ are a part of the potential labor force of a country.

Civilian non-institutionalized people aged 16 years and over

International trade enables an economy to ________.

exploit gains from specialization

A constraint has a slack of 5 units.This implies that:

this constraint has 5 units of its resource unconsumed

John Smith is planning to refinance his home mortgage to take advantage of the lower current interest rates.As part of the refinancing application,the bank needs to appraise Mr.Smith’s home.Mr.Smith expects an appraisal of at least $175,000 but no more than $250,000.All values between $175,000 and $250,000 have the same probability of being the actual appraised value.What is the appropriate distribution for simulating appraisal values?

continuous uniform

Members of the business markets include:

Firms, institutions, and governments

Some intermediaries use strategic planning, advanced information systems, sophisticated marketing tools, measure performance on a return-on-investment basis, segment their markets, improve their target marketing and positioning, and

aggressively pursue market expansion and diversification strategies.