The Shine-Dalgarno sequence

is a purine-rich consensus sequence found in the 5? UTR of the mRNA.

During translation initiation in prokaryotes,the amino acid on the initiator tRNA is

N-formylmethionine (fMet).

Hemoglobin,the protein responsible for binding and transporting oxygen,forms a tetramer.What is the protein composition of the most common form of hemoglobin,hemoglobin A (HbA)?


Sickle cell is a codominant disease,meaning that heterozygotes exhibit an intermediate blood cell phenotype (a mixture of normal and sickle cells)due to the blend of hemoglobin tetramers in each red blood cell.Which of the following tetramer structures would you expect to find in a carrier of SCD? 11ea5952_8436_ddd6_af5c_a51fb08bff7d_TB5665_00

????? and ?????? and ?????

Avery,Macleod,and McCarty expanded on Griffith’s experiment to prove that DNA is the hereditary molecule required for transformation.What treatment of the heat-killed SIII bacteria extract resulted in the mouse living?

destroying type SIII DNA with DNase

Which type of mRNA is translated within a cell?


If bacteria are infected with a bacteriophage and briefly exposed to radioactive uracil,what results would you expect to see immediately after exposure?

radioactive mRNA in the cytoplasm

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