Direct marketers seek a measurable response, typically a customer order. This is sometimes called

direct-order marketing.

With respect to trust-based selling, the purpose of sales communication is:

To seek common understanding between the buyer and seller.

Which of the following is not one of the major steps in the sales management process?

Recruiting and terminating the salesforce

Real GDP refers to GDP adjusted for changes in ________.


Which of the following is true of economic expansions?

Economic expansions are defined as the periods between recessions.

A redundant constraint is eliminated from a linear programming model.What effect will this have on the optimal solution?

no change

Determining the best payoff for each alternative and choosing the alternative with the “best of the best” is the approach called:


The strategic approach to human resource management recognizes key elements.Which of the following is NOT an ingredient in successful human resource management?

Only top-line managers are predominantly human resource managers.

The catalog you receive from a large apparel store, displaying their new summer collection, is an example of ________ marketing.


Salespeople need to possess effective communications skills so that they:

Are better able to identify buying needs and accurately convey proposed solutions.