Read each passage.Then choose the appropriate letter to indicate the presence or absence of an error in reasoning. When their children are born with birth defects, more and more workers are suing their employers.Employees who sue claim that job hazards such as toxic chemicals damaged their eggs, sperm, or fetuses.These lawsuits are nothing but modern-day witch hunts.Employers always fully inform workers about the possible risks of working near hazardous materials.Many even require employees to complete training programs before they can work with chemicals.Plus, employers cannot prevent workers-even pregnant women-from working a certain job.If they do, they can be accused of discrimination.So people who choose to work with dangerous substances should not blame their employers if their children have birth defects.Besides, workplace chemicals’ effects on human beings have not yet been thoroughly studied.Therefore, there is still no undisputed scientific proof that they can cause defects.Likewise, there is still no way to prove a definite link between parents’ workplace environments and their child’s birth defects.The children’s problems could have been caused by factors not related to the workplace.Moreover, research in birth defects is not properly funded.With our technology, we should be able to figure out why 3 percent of babies are still being born with major diseases and disabilities.
(Source of information: Stephanie Armour, “Workers Take Employers to Court Over Birth Defects,” USA Today, February 26, 2002, p.1A.)

irrelevant reason
F) no error

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