Use the information below to answer the following questions.
Jackson Bottle Yard, a recycling glass company, has supplied the following information in relation to their actual sales in 2015 and planned sales for the first quarter of 2016. 11eac9b1_2d55_71cc_acc3_f962219486fa_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00_TB1442_00 Past records indicate that expected receipts collected from debtors will be: 60 per cent in the month of sale
40 per cent in the month following the sale
-Which of these are costs of providing accounting information?

all of the above

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